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Pain Under Right Rib Cage Is An Indication Of Liver Pain

Whenever a person feels pain under right rib cage, there is a great possibility that it is the pain of liver. There are free fluids surrounding the liver inside the abdominal cavity that causes pain not only under the rib, but also in right side of the shoulder. Pain under right rib cage causes difficulty in coughing and even in breathing. In certain cases, the liver pain leads to tenderness or a feel of cramping under the rib cage.

According to a general belief, organs never hurt and it is because of this fact there are some doctors that dismiss the pain under right rib cage as liver pain. But it is important to know that liver pain is real and can’t be dismissed because people do suffer with the problem and experience the symptoms of liver pain. In some cases, patients have complained about the pain that they feel like their liver does not fit inside the rib cage. Other complains are regarding the feeling of brick that tucked under the right side of the rib cage.

In certain situations, pain under right rib cage is also linked with the pain in the right side of the back. The pain occurs due to the liver problem or swelling of liver is not very severe and sharp in nature. Mostly, liver pain in the right rib cage gives a dull sensational ache. One of the main and most found indication of severe acute pain in this area, is of gallstones. Pain below right rib cage is sometimes mixed with the fibromyalgia.

There are some symptoms that lead you to understand the right reason of pain under right rib cage due to liver problem. The symptoms are breathing problem, eating disorders, right shoulder pain, fatigue, swollen testes and itching problem. The other ways to identify the real cause of pain under right rib cage is by urine or blood test that rightly diagnoses the liver pain.

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