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Pain Under Right Rib Cage – What Could It Be?

Have you ever wondered what one of the functions of the rib cage is? Apart from ribs being a part of entire human’s bone structure, pain under right rib cage might occur due to causes of many organs located in cage cavity. The thoracic cavity makes place for lungs, heart, liver and spleen, slowly connecting down to the abdominal cavity. It only shows how many reasons there might be why a person suffers pain under right rib cage. This cavity is not only important as the container of all those organs. It serves as most excellent supporter for the upper part of our bodies. However, what makes it most important is covering our cardio and vascular system.

It is definitely certain that any type of heart conditions will reflect as pain under right rib cage. Severe bronchitis or allergic asthma will also make patients feel as if their ribs are not wide enough for them to breath. However, pain under right rib cage should not be taken lightly, because heart condition syndromes might be very similar to mere digestion problems. They will both reflect as pain under right rib cage. Thus the need for the doctor to rule out your heart as healthy and prescribe whatever you should do to relieve your stomach from producing pain in the area of ribs.

Being bones, ribs are susceptible to fracture and great deal of pain such as any other bone in our body. However, pain under right rib cage must never be neglected. There might have been a broken or fractured rib, which present a great deal of danger for the lungs. Pain under right rib cage might be caused by right kidney, swollen liver, pancreas, spleen and very often ovaries in women. Such reflective pains which have no actual relation to the ribs only show how complex and related our organism is.

If any of the organs located within or nearby the thoracic cavity is inflamed, pain under right rib cage is to be expected. Each of them will provoke unpleasant and painful feeling as if the ribs themselves are actually broken. Pain under right rib cage can also mean that you hurt yourself unknowingly. Ribs are very sensitive and you can even hurt them in your sleep, if you have chosen an awkward position.  Sometimes it will also happen that stomach issues or ovaries, which are definitely far from the thoracic cavity, will cause extremely strong pain, which might even remind of a heart attack. Along with it, there are serious syndromes, such as Chrone and similar, which will cause such hurting.